Laser Teeth Whitening & Teeth Whitening Procedures in Burnaby

Laser Teeth Whitening & Teeth Whitening Procedures in Burnaby

Coffee, tea, alcohol, and cigarettes or tobacco makes teeth dull and stained. Braces may also result in tooth discoloration. Luckily, treatments for teeth whitening will reverse some of the damage.
The dentists at Dental on 6th provide two forms of teeth whitening treatments, so you can get a whiter smile.

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During your laser teeth whitening treatment, the dentist can either mask the gums and mouth tissues or add a protective gel to protect them. Next, the dentist will apply a whitening agent on the teeth. He or she must use a laser to trigger the whitener.
Because the procedure takes maximum an hour, the laser teeth whitening fits best for busy professionals with hectic schedules.

Dental on 6th also provides teeth whitening for the take-home to ensure you can brighten up your smile in your home too. We use the PearlTM Ionic Teeth Whitening Application. The system lets you have two whitening options:
Using whitening trays for 5 minutes twice a day for a 5-day care
Conduct 10 successive procedures, 5 minutes each, for faster results. This only takes 50 minutes
After the first 5-minutes treatment, most people reportedly noticed an improvement in the whiteness of their teeth. Since every tooth is protected by this whitening device, you do not care about irregular or uneven coloration. The smile's top, back, and sides earn equal whitening.
The PearlTM Ionic Teeth Whitening Device not only brightens the face, but it can also kill infection, decrease poor breath, and rising tartar build-up.
Nobody understands your teeth much better than the dentist. Come to our dentists at Dental on 6th if you want a brighter & whiter smile.
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