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Burnaby Sedation Dental

Dental surgeries have become easier, thanks to the Sedation Dentistry. Block all the pain and fear with the help of Burnaby Sedation Dental at your favourite dental clinic – Dental at 6th. Dive into the dentist chair fearlessly so that your dental surgery can be carried out using local or general anaesthesia from the best Burnaby Sedation Dental. Even if you are afraid of the local injection anaesthesia, your Burnaby Sedation Dental can sedate you prior to the job so that you don’t feel a thing!

Burnaby Sedation Dental

Research has suggested that your pain threshold goes down when you are scared of something, and this seems to be particularly true in case of dental pain. As most of us anticipate pain when we have any dental issues, we get stimulated by even the smallest of the stimulus. So, if you are among such people, do not fret as your Burnaby Sedation Dental does have a solution for you. Your dentist will give you a sedative for calming your nerves down and making you feel composed while your procedure is done with ease!

Before selecting a suitable sedative for you, your doctor at Burnaby Sedation Dental will consider your complete medical history alongside your current health status and medicines that you might be using (prescribed or over-the-counter) you must also notify your dentist if you drink or smoke or have any sort of allergies. The sedative effect usually wears off slowly, which means you might not be able to drive home on your own so bring help.

1. Inhalation Conscious Sedation

Dentists have used the inhalation Conscious Sedation for centuries for sedation purposes. It uses nitrous oxide gas, which is great for uplifting your mood and relieving anxiety. It doesn't relieve the pain so much though. Known as 'Laughing gas’, this gas is administered through a face mask that doesn't leave you hungover as its effect wears off instantly.

2. Oral Sedation

Oral sedation at Burnaby Sedation Dental is among the most popular one used for dental purposes as it doesn't involve the use of an injection. The oral sedative is taken by mouth either by swallowing or keeping under the tongue. This method works within a couple of minutes. Your dentists will choose the right one from the variety of oral sedatives available out there. Some of these medicines even have amnesic properties which mean you will remain conscious throughout your treatment but not feel a thing.

3. IV Conscious Sedation

IV or Intravenous Conscious Sedation is the one delivered into the bloodstream directly. It is an injection which is way more potent than oral methods as it is injected directly into your bloodstream. Its amnesic effects are also very profound compared to other methods. As this type of sedative administration has an immediate effect on your body and its functions, it involves a higher risk compared to oral and inhalation sedatives. Therefore, the sedative administrator, in this case, needs to be trained and extremely careful. The patient must be monitored with equipment throughout the period during which he is sedated. The sedation level can also be regulated with the help of monitoring. If you chose this sedation at Burnaby Sedation Dental, rest assured that you will not feel or remember a thing about your procedure.

At Dental on 6th in Burnaby, we offer sedation services to anxious or nervous patients. We don't want anything to prevent you from receiving the treatment you deserve.

Visit our Burnaby Sedation Dental and get your issue resolved with the help of our professional team. At Dental on 6th, we are aware that the needs of every patient are different. For that matter, we bring you a personalized treatment plan in the most relaxed environment.

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