Invisalign Treatment In New Westminster, BC

Invisalign Treatment In New Westminster, BC

Are you looking for the most effective way to straighten your teeth without using wires and brackets? Fortunately, we are offering Invisalign New Westminster treatment for straightening your teeth. Through using almost invisible aligners on your teeth/jawline, we assure that your beauty remains intact.

Invisalign New Westminster

Our Invisalign New Westminster services can make you enjoy the following benefits:

  • These aligners are easily removable. So, you can take them off whenever you want to eat something or at any time. In contrast, wires and brackets are non-removable, which makes eating difficult for many people.
  • Moreover, wearing these aligners brings so much comfort in your life. Brackets and wires often give a very uncomfortable feeling, especially while talking, smiling, or eating. As these aligners are almost undetectable and transparent, you would feel very comfortable all the time as you are wearing nothing on teeth.
  • Furthermore, these aligners can be easily customized. So, the doctor would take the exact measurements for the desired alienation and make these aligners accordingly.
  • Last but not least, they are an effective and result-proven way of aligning the way that noticeably enhances your appearance.

The process for the Invisalign New Westminster treatment at our clinic is as follows:

  • The first step is the initial examination in which the dentist would examine your teeth for Invisalign. He would tell you if this treatment works well for your teeth or what other options are there.
  • If this treatment is good for you, the dentist will schedule your first visit to devise a proper treatment plan. Additionally, he would also take the impressions of your teeth for Invisalign.
  • With the use of 3-D computer software, he would turn your teeth impressions into accurate aligners.
  • After that, he would ask you for subsequent visits in which he would set the aligners on your teeth and ask you to complete follow-up visits.

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